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Sylling our homestead

A small place in the community of Lier is called Sylling. We are about 650 houses with approximately 2000 people spread around in the surrounding. The center is located at the southern end of Holsfjorden. Holsfjorden is a small fjord connected to Tyridfjorden The depth is close to 290 meter and is the 5th. largest lake in Norway. At the moment we have our own school, grocery store, post office, garage and gasoline station, but the post office and the gasoline station closed down during the summer 2001. The Sylling IF (local sports club) is doing a lot for the children, from the age of 5 and upwards. It is a separate group for the youngest doing all kind of sports, from handball to down hill skiing. We have our own orchestra mostly with young people from the age of 8 and upwards. They are playing in the surroundings such as in the church, on may the 17th (our national holiday). They are also going abroad for playing with other orchestras. Farming was the traditional occupancy, but to day most of the people is working in other locations such as Oslo and Drammen. Drammen 20 km and Oslo 50 km.