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Svalbard 2001
Svalbard is located between 71O and 81O North / 10O and 35O east. The area is close to 63.000 km" and is covered by 60% of glaciers. The population is divided in approximately 1600 Norwegians, 900 Russians and 8 Polish. Most of the industry is coal mines and tourism.
Arriving Svalbard at midnight We arrived in beautiful weather at 11:45 PM
Ready for take off On our way Lunch at an old Russian mine Barentsburg. Approximately 900 russian citizen.
Barentsburg Crossing Groennefjorden After arrival Kapp Linne, Isfjord Radio
"After Scooter" in the Bar at Isfjord radio with our great guide's from Svalbard Polar Tour and one of the great staff at Isfjord Radio. Kapp Linne
Isfjord Radio hotel
A bit foggy in the
morning at Isfjord Radio
Ready again for take-off
back to Logyearbyen
On our way back to Longyearbyen through some amazing nature.
You can not believe it before you have been there.
After take off on Sunday morning, going home. We had a great view .