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New Delhi and Agra 1989

The entrance to Taj Nahal  Taj Mahal, constructed 1632 - 1654 by
the Sjah Djahan
Sjah Djahan's last residence where he had a view against the Taj Mahal The park in front of Taj Mahal
One of the monkeys living in the garden. My guide. Ornaments above the entrance. The holy scripts made by black marble.
Maumtaz Mahal, Sjah Djahans coffen inside the Taj Mahal. Jewelry stones embossed into white marble. In front of Sjah Djahans last residence.
The garden at Sjah Djahans last residence. Outside an office building in New Delhi.   View from my hotel room in New Delhi.
The Lotus temple in New Delhi. The garden in front of the Lotus Temple. Traffic view from New Delhi. The parlament in New Delhi.
New Delhi The home of Indira Gandhi in New Delhi. New Delhi

Mumbai and Goa 1990

View from my hotel in Bombay Bombay view Vasco da Gama, Goa Outside Vasco da Gama
Bogmalo Beach, Vasco da Gama      

Mumbai and Goa 1990

The Beach at Holliday In Praful and Sven Product seminar at Holliday In Playing with the products
Praful and Amit What's happening next?    

Mumbai 1993

Outside Bombay at a holiday resort.

Mumbai and Goa 2001

View from the Hotel Bar Bogmalo Beach, Goa View from the beach Beach restaurants
Hotel pool Is the hurricane going to hit us?
View from the hotel At Praful's office. Having dinner at the club. Holliday Inn beach in Bombay.
Bombay traffic..